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Add custom fields to record extra member details

Some facilities may wish to record member details that are specific to their business and not already included in the member's details section. To add more fields navigate to Settings > Custom Fields, there are four different types of input fields that can be added. See below for a description and example of each.


Custom Field Type



Text Used to record general information, this field is not restricted
  • External system references:
    • Previous software ID
    • Insurance Number
  • Access Bar-code
Dropdown Used when there are only predetermined options 
  • Corporate Account
  • Belt Colour (Martial Arts)
  • Swimming Group (Swim School)
Checkbox Used when there are only two outcomes; yes or no
  • Health check completed
Date Used when the information must be in date format
  • Health check completed on


Your Custom Fields can then be added to your reports, for more on this see Customising your reports


For a great step-by-step example of a custom fields implementation, have a read of our guide for Setting up Silver Sneakers.



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