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Add a new Member
Add a member to your GymMaster database by navigating to Add Member Enter the... more
Using the Member Logs
GymMaster keeps a record of most of the changes that occur on each member. You c... more
How to Pay for overdue charges
If a member owes money, this will show in red under their picture on their profi... more
Have a member pay for another
GymMaster gives you the ability to link members together so that one member pays... more
How to set a Member Check-In Alert
You can set an alert if you have a message that you want your staff to tell a sp... more
Depositing Money to a member's account
A deposit is when a member makes a payment in anticipation of future charges. Th... more
Add custom fields to record extra member details
Some facilities may wish to record member details that are specific to their bus... more