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Have a member pay for another

GymMaster gives you the ability to link members together so that one member pays for the charges of the other, this is useful for partners, corporations, and families. Each member can have their own memberships, bookings and POS purchases while only one needs to have their billing information in the system.

Note: Members can be linked without paying for one another if you are wanting to keep track of relationships.


  • Master member: the member that other members are linked to. This is the member that will be paying for the others
  • Child member: each of the members that are linked to the master member are considered child members

Note: There's a one to many relationship between master members and child members. The system does not allow cycles.


Linking Members

To link members together, navigate to the bottom of the master member's profile and click the Linked Members link. Here you can manage existing links, or create new ones. 

Click the [+ Add New Link] button and follow the steps in the member linking wizard.

  1. Search for the member or create a new member. Then choose the child member's relationship to the master member. E.g. Son, Daughter, Partner
  2. This step is only for shared memberships.
  3. Choose which type of charges will be paid for by the master member. The charge options are Memberships, Point of Sale, and Booking.
  4. Confirm the details are correct and [Save] the link.



Once the link is set up, both member's profiles will now show a Linked Members card below their picture. Here you'll see some information on the relationship, the payment arrangements and any outstanding balances. See below for an example.

When a member is paying for another member their Preview Future Billing will show their charges as well as any charges their child member's incur. You can preview billing by navigating to the Accounts tab of the master member's profile, then clicking [Preview Billing].


Linked Members card

Preview Future Billing modal

Note: Child member's charges will have a Charge For #... which references the member id of the child member

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