POS Stations

GymMaster supports the use of multiple points of sale, we call these Stations. This means your facility can have any number of computers spread out over your facility where POS transactions can occur, and you'll know where each took place. If you are using a thermal receipt printer and a cash drawer, selecting the station is how you choose where the receipt should print and which cash drawer should open.

For multisite users the station defines which club the sales are recorded at, this affects the financial reporting for that club.

In the POS screen, you can see which station is selected in the bottom right corner of the sale.


Stations are managed under Settings > Financial Configuration > POS Stations. Here you can rename, add, remove, or change the associated club of your stations.

If you are using thermal printers or cash drawers and you want to change which station is associated with which of your Gatekeepers you'll have to contact GymMaster Support. Send us an email with the station name/number and the name of the Gatekeeper you want to be associated with the station.

Note: Each Gatekeeper can have only one station associated.

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