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Tracking your stock

The GymMaster system keeps track of your stock on a floating basis. The stock level is calculated based on the amount of stock delivered and the sales made since your last stock take. To keep your stock levels accurate, we recommend doing stock takes regularly as this will reset your base stock level.

Note: only products that are marked as 'tracked' in their details will show in your stock sections.

To view your current stock on hand, navigate to Stock > View Stock

The formula for your current stock level is:

Current Stock Level = Previous Stock Level + Stock Purchased - Stock Sold


  • Previous Stock Level is the count as at your most recent stock take
  • Stock Purchased is the count of any products included in Product Purchases since your most recent stock take
  • Stock Sold is the count of all sales for that product since your most recent stock take

To perform a stock take, navigate to Stock  > View Stocktakes > [New Stocktake]

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