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Using the Point of Sale

To use the built in Point of Sale to make a sale at your facility, select Point of Sale from your GymMaster menu on the left-hand side of the system. From here you able to sell any of your existing products, process any outstanding debts, make member deposits, control your POS till, and more.

First let's take a look at what makes up the POS screen.


  1. Your products
    • Products can be sorted in to categories, which appear as folders
    • To add more products, navigate to Settings > Products > [Add Product]
  2. Advanced Actions
    • General Sale: For making a sale independent of your products system, with prices that may vary
    • Gift Voucher: Sell a voucher to be used later
    • Open Drawer: Will open your cash drawer
    • Cash Out: Exchange cash from your drawer for another of your payment. i.e. member pays by card for cash, like at an ATM
    • $ Pay Owing: Shows a list of outstanding (un-paid) charges on the member's account 
    • Deposit to Account: Member can make a payment now, adding credit to their account which can be used later. Sale must be empty for this action.
  3. The Sale
    • Edit price and quantity for each item
    • Remove items from the sale
    • Displays the total Due amount
  4. Sale Actions
    • Make Payment: Choose a payment method. To manage payment method: Settings > Financial Configuration > Payment Methods
    • Charge Member: If the member has no billing details, you can charge a sale to a member's account to be collected at a later date, the member will then owe for this sale. 
    • Bill Member: If the member has got billing details this option will then send the sale to your billing provider to take payment.
    • Cancel: Cancels the sale
    • Complete Sale: Completes and saves the sale
  5. Assigned Member
    • Required to perform advanced actions
    • Useful for recording sales on the member's account for future reference

The process of most sales will follow three simple steps;

Select items

At this step you decide and input what your member wishes to purchase. It can be any number of products, or something more advanced like an account deposit, outstanding charges, or a general sale.

Make a payment

If the payment can be processed in GymMaster then use the [Charge Member] or [Bill Member] button. This is the same button, but will have different functions depending on whether the member has billing details registered.

If not, then record how the payment was taken via the [Make Payment] button. This marks the charges as paid and keeps a history of how the payment was taken, used in your financial reports.

Finalise the sale

If you're happy with the items in the sale, and have made payments equal to the due amount, click [Complete Sale] to finish the transaction. If not, you can cancel the transaction at any time using the [Cancel] button.


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