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Guide: Send All Members New Terms and Conditions

You can send your new Terms and Conditions to current members. They will receive a copy of the new document and be able to provide an e-signature. 

In GymMaster, this requires template fields and mass communication using reports.

To make the template, navigate to Settings > Templates.

  1. Select 'New Email Template'
  2. Name the template something like 'Ts&Cs 2022'
  3. Insert the link to the new Ts&Cs in the body of the email. Click the Insert Field dropdown and begin typing the words 'Sign Terms' to search, then click on the name of your new terms and conditions form. Finally, click the Insert Field button at the end of the field to add the field to the body of the email. 

When the email is sent the '{1195:Sign Terms and Conditions URL (Default (DD))}' will turn into a link specific to the member.

You can now write a message for your members, asking them to sign the document. Save the template.

If you want to test the template before you send it to everyone, you can send it to your own email. Create a member profile with your email address and navigate to the communications tab. Select the envelope icon to send a new email to the member. 

Select Load Template to bring up the template you just created, then select Send


Once you are happy with the email, you can send it to any group of members using the reports tool. Navigate to Report & Till > Standard Report and select a report that contains the members you want to email. If you want to know more about customizing reports, click here.

Show the report and click Send Email. You will be offered the opportunity to select specific members from the report or select all. 

Select Load Template and Send

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