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Checking Email Status (Bounced, Opened)

Member Email Status

GymMaster tracks the delivery status of emails sent to your members. This is displayed in the communications tab of each member for the individual emails sent. Reports are also provided for tracking the delivery status of bulk emails, and these reports provide delivery statistics.

To View the the status of an individual email, you navigate to the member's Communication tab, and then click on the Filters button and toggle the "Email Sent" checkbox.


The icons next to each email indicate the state of the email, In descending order the above icons indicate:

  • The "Congratulations, you've won!" email was received and opened, this means the member has most likely read the email.
  • The "Please update your contact details" email bounced and was not delivered. If you mouse over the icon, a fail reason will be displayed, often this is the result of an invalid email address or the user does not have space for additional emails to be received.
  • The "Welcome to Iron Lifting!" email has been delivered to the member, but the member has not yet opened it.

If no email status is known, then the icon will display as an envelope and no mouse-over text will be available.


Bulk Email Status

To view email delivery stats for bulk emails, you can navigate to Report & Till > Standard Report > Retention > Communication Summary By Time Sent, or Communication Summary By Sender. These reports provide the total number of emails, as well as the number and percentage that were delivered, opened, as well as the number of emails that were not deliverable.

These reports can be useful for tracking the overall hit-rate of any marketing campaigns sent through your GymMaster system.

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