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How to make a support request

If you ever run into trouble, GymMaster is here to help. We offer support via a number of different channels, including phone, email and training sessions.  To lodge a support ticket in our system, simply email the support team.

This is a guide for how to get the most out of your support requests. 

The thing that helps us solve your issues the fastest is details. If we can replicate an issue, or see it first hand then solving the problem becomes a lot easier. Consider providing the following in your requests:

  • Member's that are affected, we prefer knowing the member's system generated ID rather than names as this removes any ambiguity
  • Example Bookings, Templates, Tasks, etc.
  • Time and/or Date that the issue occurred
  • Steps required to reproduce the issue
  • Screenshots

Screenshots are particularly helpful with email support as it lets us know exactly where in the system you are experiencing trouble. It also lets us see the issue first hand from your perspective, rather than us trying to replicate the issue. When taking a screenshot make sure you include your browsers URL bar, as this helps us to identify your club and contains information that is particularly helpful to our Development team.

If you aren't sure how to take a screenshot, have a read of the article, How to take a Screenshot.


Once you've emailed support, a ticket is created in our system, and we will send you a reply shortly. If you are following up on an issue that is already in our system, or if you have new information that will assist the solving of an existing issue, we recommend that you reply to the email you have received from us. This keeps all of the relevant information in the same ticket in our system and ensures that the same person, who is more knowledgeable on your situation, gets your email. 

Need more help?

You can contact the GymMaster Support team if this article didn't answer your question, you had trouble following any of the instructions, or require further assistance.

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