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Resources - Getting help

GymMaster has an array of self-help documentation. We recommend getting yourself familiar with these resources to help save yourself time over the course of your partnership with GM. You can access all of the help documentation from the support section of our website, we've also listed the primary resources below.

  • Knowledge Base: Contains help for frequently asked questions
  • GymMaster Manual: Provides an overview of the various sections of the GymMaster system
  • YouTube Channel: Short how-to videos for common tasks
  • Gatekeeper Troubleshooting Guide: Help with your access control and check in systems
  • Booking Training: Book a one-on-one virtual meeting with a member of the sales team, useful for setting up a new section of your system
  • Blog: Gives more higher level advice on running your business in the fitness industry 


Is GymMaster Down?

Check the GymMaster Status page for recent incidents and to see the status of your local data centre. 


If you're not able to answer your questions using any of the resources then get in touch with our support team. See the article, How to Make a Support Request


Need more help?

You can contact the GymMaster Support team if this article didn't answer your question, you had trouble following any of the instructions, or require further assistance.

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