Task overview

The Task list at its essence is a to-do list. This is your primary tool to increase retention and automate member communication. Each Task in the list is made up of an event, when it occurs, an action required to complete the task, and a performer responsible for conducting the action. Each staff member has their own task list, and access to the general All Staff task list. 

An action for a task is generally the form of contact best for following up with the event, either phone, SMS or Email. You can choose whether the action requires a personal touch or can be automated. For more personalised tasks, the performer of the task make their own contact with the member and mark the task as complete. Automatic Email or SMS tasks are completed by the system every half an hour between 9:00AM and 8:00PM.

Note: The hours of operation can be extended for your facility at request, email support if you'd like to customise these.

When to Personalise

  • Following up with a Prospect Lead
  • Member Cancellation Requests
  • Member Debt Collection
  • New Member check-ins 
  • Non-visiting members

When to Automate

  • Booking Reminders
  • Failed Payment Notifications
  • Membership up for Renewal
  • Birthday Wishes



For an example of setting up a task, see the article Setting up a new Task Type

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