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Automate communication to Staff

While designed for communicating with your members, the task system can also be used to communicate to your staff or facility. When setting up an email task type there is the option to also email to the performer. When emailing the performer of a task type you can exclude the member and only send the email to your staff. 

In the following example, we've set up a task type to email the performer whenever a member is flagged for Tailgating (letting in a non-member) at the facility. In some cases its more practical to have a member of staff be alerted to a task that has been trigger than to alert the member.


There are a few options when selecting a performer, you could have one specific staff member receiving emails for your task type, or you could use the one of the following special options. For facilities that have a shared email address for staff, you could consider adding a dummy staff member with this shared email address, and then assigned them as the performer.

Note: You can set up a new staff member under Settings > User Administration



Performer -  Choose which staff member will receive the email for this task. 

In this performer list, there are a couple of special options:

  • All Staff - N/A for emails. No one will receive an email if this is selected.
  • Personal Trainer - system will email member's Trainer
  • Sales Rep - system will email member's Sales Rep

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