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Setting up your club's Email Template design

When you send an email to your members from within the GymMaster system, the content of that email gets wrapped in your Club Template. You can edit your template by navigating to, Settings > Club Details > Logos and other graphics > [Club's Email Template]

This is where you can personalise your emails to a style that matches your facility. Choose between two styles, one with a footer only and one with a header and footer. Then select the primary colour for these sections. Below is an example of what it looks like when you first get started. When uploading images, there is no resize tool, so any resizing will need to be done before uploading the image to GymMaster.


The Header is a good place to put your club's logo and name, so that your members know who the email is from.






The Body is where your email content will go. Leave the text as [[BODY]]  as this is specially coded to be replaced your content before the email is sent. You can use this tag as a reference for where your message will be in your email.



The Club Footer is a good place to put location or contact details of your facility 

You can use the standard template that we provide, or if you want to get a little more adventurous you can get a wed developer to create you a custom one. This template is 100% editable by switching to the Code View, for example, below is the footer that we at GymMaster use when emailing you.

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